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What are the roles of the following court personnel?

-Crown Prosecutor
-Defence Barrister

-Additional details:

-Their role in the court room and outside of the court room?
-How to train for these jobs?

This is for Criminal Law in the Magistrates court!

Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot.

If you know any websites that could help with legal studies please list them.

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    A judge presides over a trial and ensures that all of the proceedings follow the law, in a bench trial they are also the trier of facts.
    A jury in a jury trial would be the trier of facts and would only consider the facts/evidence presented to them.~
    A bailiff is an officer of the court who provides security to the court.
    Crown Prosecutor is the government representative who presents all evidence and testimony that law enforcement has collected in the matter.
    The Defence Barrister is the representative of the accused and presents any rebuttal evidence and testimony in the case.~~

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