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do i need a barrister to represent me for a shoplifting case worth less than $500 and first offence?"?

a solicitor costs 0 & barrister costs 50. they said barristers know the judges and have more influence on the judges

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  1. xxalmostfamous1987xx says

    No one can guarantee that you will be fined and convicted so ignore the scaremongering in the above posts!

    However, you will be mush more likely to suceed with legal representation as your solicitor will have the knowledge and experience to hopefully procure the best outcome.

    I’m assuming that your case is being heard in the Magistrate’s Court (as it for such a small monetary amount), if that’s right, you would need a solicitor not a barrister as barristers generally handle the more serious cases in the higher courts.

    Most local solicitors will handle this sort of case, so ask around if you know anyone with any experience of the legal system or just have a look in your local phone book.

    You may also be eligible for legal aid if you’re a low income earner. This means that you will be appointed a solicitor free of charge. To find out if you qualify just call your local legal aid centre.

  2. Doc Hudson says

    Only if you want to beat the charge.

    "He who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client." legal truism


  3. HonkIfYourJesus says

    If you go to court without an attorney, unless it is to enter an initial not guilty plea until you can find one, your an idiot…They will pick your bones clean…. They will chew you up and spit you out.. Not because of anything you did, but because your not supporting their legal business, or excuse me justice system…

    Get an attorney. My attorney is the only one I know that can get a sodomy case reduced to "Following too Close"

  4. Vicki R says

    A barrister is way too high in the legal system for a simple shoplifting offence. I think you mean a solicitor. Even though the offence is a minor one (on the scale of offences), and the fine may be minor, if you are found guilty you will carry a criminal record which can prevent you from being employed in a number of professions and government. If you employ a solicitor, he may be able to ask for a fine but no criminal conviction. The solicitor may cost you around $500, probably more than the fine itself. Your choice to have legal representation depends on your age and choice of career. If you live in Australia and are in receipt of Centrelink payments, you can apply to Legal Aid for free legal representation on the day of the hearing.

    Even if it’s your 1st offence, without legal representation, I guarantee you will be fined and get a criminal record. With legal representation you will certainly still get a fine, but the judge may waiver the criminal conviction record, if the solicitor presents a decent case in your favour.

    Up to you I guess.

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